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  28 November 2018

  The office Christmas party is a greatly anticipated event.  The mystery surrounding the venue, the menu, the outfits and whether it will top last years are hot topics until the grand reveal.  That one great night where you can let loose with your colleagues and celebrate the year’s hard work with dad dancing, shots and your annual sighting of the accounts team.  It’ll be the most talked about party of them all, but are you ready for it?  Having some popular party venues under our .....Read More


  16 October 2018

On Monday 15th October, a group of fabulous women gave up their bed for the night to support CEO Sleepout, in fighting homelessness and poverty.  The evening saw Sally O'Loughlin, interior designer & proprietor of Eclectic Hotel Collection and Jenny Oh, General Manager of King Street Townhouse join other CEOs and Senior level executives across Manchester in taking part in the sleep-out, at Emirates Old Trafford.  Other participants of our wonderful team at Eclectic include Emma Baxter, Mari Ford, Michaela .....Read More


  03 August 2018

  With the hearts of the nation completely captured by our favourite afternoon tradition, we thought it fitting to impart our savoir faire on getting the most out of your next sitting.  Read on and prepare for the upcoming National Afternoon Tea week as we give food for thought, with Eclectic afternoon tea essentials, to ensure your etiquette is on point.   Dress to impress For many, afternoon tea is the perfect excuse to celebrate a special occasion, or simply an afternoon of freedom.  As with a.....Read More


  25 July 2018

  The best and most special day of your lives deserves not only to be remembered in your own hearts and those who were able to share the day with you, but you need to be able to have the highlights ready to whip out to show the rest of the world. You need a wedding film. One which completely captures the elegance and magic of the day. That perfectly features the stylish choices and precious designs you so carefully selected. Most importantly it needs to beautifully tell the story of the start of your lives togethe.....Read More


  17 July 2018

  Cosmopolitan cocktails, suburban soirees or well-deserved dining, however you choose to kick up your heels look to Eclectic for your party needs, cause we got this!  With four properties who know just how to host a first class shindig, you’ll be looking for excuses to get dates booked, even for those ‘just because’ occasions!    HEAVENLY ELEVEN Whether you’ve an upcoming girly getaway without the boys, a sophisticated bridal shower or birthday celebration - get your gals.....Read More


  06 July 2018

  Traditional flavours, unrivalled service and signature settings that ooze Eclectic elegance.  Our favourite daily routine is an ever changing experience, and we love to have fun with our offering.  Here’s the lowdown on the latest Eclectic Afternoon Tea options, for you to enjoy during the return of the great British summer!   WIN-bledon! Wondering how to add sparkle to your Wimbledon fix rather than simply watching it on the big screen?  Ponder no more, we’ve an advantage not .....Read More


  27 June 2018

  Perfectly placed in the most beautifully evolving city the North of England has to offer, stands an impressive Italian Renaissance building just waiting to capture your hearts.  The magnificent property has been artfully converted in to a chic boutique hotel, full of all the elegance, tasteful décor and unrivalled character Manchester has been waiting for.  If you’re looking for a unique venue to leave a lasting impression for your special day, look no further than King Street Townhouse&he.....Read More


  14 June 2018

  Kick started by the recently well behaved British weather and cheekily hoping our summer plans will encourage it to come back, we’re fully alive with the spirit of summer and revelling in our latest collection of quintessentially British treats.  Read on for the lowdown of our favourite offerings, and the finest new ways to enjoy our charming properties.     DISTRACT. DETOX. DELIGHT First up is the crème de la crème of all partnerships, King Street Townhouse together with n.....Read More


  13 June 2018

  A twenty minute drive out of the city brings you to the leafy village of Didsbury for a real taste of paradise, where Eleven Didsbury Park and Didsbury House Hotel seem a lifetime away from their city centre counterparts.  These effortlessly chic properties bring tranquillity, decadence and lived-in luxury all together in one easy swoop.  With their quintessential English Victorian Villa charm and picture perfect settings, these really are the most ideal spots to make the most precious memories as you .....Read More


  12 June 2018

    Even after years of practice, gifting the gent in your life can leave the most savvy of shoppers feeling stumped.  While ties, socks and gadgets are readily equipped with cool Dad jokes and fun loving puns, the fail-safes just don’t seem to scream ‘I’m eternally grateful for all you do’ like they used to.  So where does that leave us other than with one of life’s great unanswered questions?  With a new and exciting approach to gifting, that’s where! .....Read More

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