The office Christmas party is a greatly anticipated event.  The mystery surrounding the venue, the menu, the outfits and whether it will top last years are hot topics until the grand reveal.  That one great night where you can let loose with your colleagues and celebrate the year’s hard work with dad dancing, shots and your annual sighting of the accounts team.  It’ll be the most talked about party of them all, but are you ready for it?  Having some popular party venues under our belts we’re clued up on unforgettable nights vs those you'd rather not remember.  Here’s some top tips for this seasons party goers to see you get the most out of your night…


Wear it well

Whether you go sassy, shimmery, full length and fancy or black tie, don’t forget the practicalities of the evening.  Let’s face it, Manchester wasn’t made for movie stars, and our infamous rain might well stand between you and your glamourous get up.  Don’t be afraid to accessorise with the help of a good, sturdy umbrella – your colleagues will be envious in no time!  On the topic of weather, not only do we have the rain to contend with, but as the winter nights draw closer we might also have some harsh frosty winds to battle en route to the venue.  Fear not party people – with the help of a good coat you’ll be ready to face whatever the arctic may send our way.  Lastly Cinderella, make sure your outfit will last the night, ladies if the party heels of choice aren’t quite so sensible, try concealing a pair of flats in your bag (or coat pocket!)  And gents, if you’re planning on moving on to a club after the party, make sure you don your party brogues or dark coloured trainers to avoid the dreaded entry turn down.


Food for thought

Great venue, great company, great food – make sure you can enjoy it all!  Don’t forget to pre order the right menu for you – if you have dietary requests don’t forget to tell the party organiser in advance.  This will avoid delays on the night for those impromptu menu changes, and any stomach mishaps that could potentially end your night early.  Of course, making sure you actually eat throughout the chatter of the evening is a top priority – the venue and menu were selected for a reason!  Plus, would you believe there really is a great deal of truth in the 'not drinking on an empty stomach' myth!


Don’t forget about the price tag

The best nights in life are free.  Office Christmas parties are the companies gift to the staff to reward the hard years’ work, and the budgets can often be quite generous.  However they might not go so far as to fund the club you were hoping to get to after the Christmas party, and they most likely won’t have planned on paying for carriages home.  So while you shouldn’t need to break the bank to get the most out of the night, make sure you don’t leave the notes at home as there might be a couple of chances to spend some of your own hard earned cash.


Wherever your company celebrates this Christmas, make sure it’s a night to remember for the right reasons.


We look forward to seeing those joining us across Eclectic this December!


Team Eclectic x