Congratulations to all the newly engaged couples out there!  Hopefully you were whisked off to a beautiful location and caught completely off guard in answering the most important question of your life.  Wondering what’s next now you’re back in reality?  This is where the magic really happens – this is when you begin to consider how you want to spend the most important day of your life!  With so many things to think about, you can often get a bit lost in where to start.  Thankfully, we get to share the journey with plenty of couples so believe we might just be able to help with some pointers in how to get the planning underway.



From sneaky peaks of the brand new shiny addition on your hand, to butterflies and looks of adoration to your other half.  Enjoy the romance and excitement of this time – you’ll only be engaged once, after all!  Cram in as many celebratory meals, drinks and get togethers as you can.  Or get everyone together and celebrate your news surrounded by your loved ones.  There’s nothing more magical than sharing your happiness and making memories with those closest to you.  An engagement party can be a great way to meet your other half’s work colleagues, estranged family members and it’s the perfect opportunity to bring the two sides together.



Favourite flowers, style of venues, wedding theme, stationery to match all of the former, plus the vast choice of platforms to undergo the research, Pinterest, Instagram, wedding blogs, Trip Advisor.  While there is no such thing as too much information when it comes to this special day, deciding a starting point can be overwhelming.  Well, fear not!  The most important thing to remember is to do what works for you.  Every couple is different, and every day is unique, so don’t worry about following suit, just do what comes naturally and watch the day unfold before you as it all slots in to place. 



Be sure to get yourself a wedding planner, or a mood board.  Whether an online platform works better for you, or a traditional scrap book, these are the greatest tools at your disposal to keep track of your vision and make sure no detail is forgotten!  And let’s face it, seeing everything come together by keeping everything in one place will not only let you envisage how you’ll live the most perfect moments of your life, but once the big day has passed you'll be left with a beautiful keepsake to recap the journey you took to get there!  These organisers are key in making sure the day is seamless, from top tips in what not to forget, to the bigger details in deciding and distributing budget – discover new ways of planning to see the best day ever is absolutely flawless. 

Whether you choose to start the planning immediately, or let yourself fall in to it, make sure you soak it all up and enjoy the moments together.


Looking for your venue already?  Come along to see our charming collection of venues at our Wedding Open Day’s throughout January:

King Street Townhouse – Monday 21st January 17.00 – 20.00

Didsbury House & Eleven Didsbury Park – Sunday 27th January 15.00 – 17.00

Great John Street Hotel – Monday 28th January 17.00 – 20.00


Congratulations once again 

Team Eclectic x