So, you’ve decided the date, picked the venue, considered the theme and pictured the day a thousand times over.  But there is no more time for this day dreamer; forget the dress, stop Pinterest-ing cake ideas – it’s time to pull your stationery style together! (Can I get a hell yeah from all the office workers out there?)  We’re thinking invites so special that people will rethink their holiday to Hawaii, table plans that belong in galleries and guest books that may not get written in because no one wants to ruin the beautiful pages.  Oh yes, its time to accessorise!


 Spread the word

There’s a certain amount of pressure on the invitation, in a world where being online is now so constant the interactions between friends and family are instant.  And, while you could go wild with the emoji’s on a save the date group chat thankfully we haven’t evolved so much to make the classic old postal invite obsolete just yet.  Plus a bit of tradition never hurt anyone, you can’t beat an ‘old fashioned’ paper invitation and the digital savvy age has opened up so many more creative options!  We’ve seen some really special examples, the invitation is always a taste of what’s to come, a little snippet of what to expect and the first chance to wow your guests.  Put a stamp on your romance and send an SOS to your guests with a message in a bottle invitation, you might pay a little more on the old postage and it may take a bit longer to gather RSVPS but it’s certainly going to be difficult for people to turn down! For an interactive invitation send scratch card invites, not the winning kind but the kind that will make sure the date really sticks in people’s minds as they reveal!  Last but not least the most versatile option, the personalised laser cut invitation.  There are no limits on how to accessorise them so adorn them with crystals, glitter, or silk ribbon as they can be designed to suit any wedding theme.

Top tip: to save you time further down the line, don’t forget to add a request for dietary requirements on the reply!


Get bums on seats

You’ve compiled a list of everyone who can make it and now to ensure the meal of the day runs smoothly you need to decide how best to seat your guests; for which you need a seating plan, table names (or numbers) for each table, and name cards for each individual.  As with all wedding decorations there are some really creative options in doing this, most of which not only double up as decorative pieces to add character to the day but get people itching to take their seats.  Try hanging each table’s guest list on a table top tree branch with each guests name card printed on a decorative leaf, or if you have a flower decorated tree the name cards could be freestanding in a matching bud.  For the travellers out there why not try making a world map pin-board with each table corresponding to a country you and your loved one have visited.  The name cards could then be printed on luggage tags to leave them feeling even more awestruck by your special day.  Homemade touches are the simplest way to show your love, place a decorative mirror on an easel and handwrite the seating plan in white chalk, simple yet effective and plenty of room for adding depth with stick on jewels or lace bows.



A simple gesture to show your appreciation to those who have joined you in your first day of married life. There’s no nicer touch than leaving a little favour at each place setting when guests take their seat, this can be anything from traditional sugared almonds to festive candy canes for a December wedding. To really share the love, garnish a glass at each place setting with a lottery ticket or scratch card and ask your guests to join you for richer or poorer. If you want to add more sparkle to your day personalise a set of matches to remind guests how you have met yours – a particularly nice touch if you have a winter wedding equipping guests as they light their sparkler!


…And receiving

The pièce de résistance; the guestbook. A nice keepsake that can be looked back on in years to come as you’re taken back to your special day with loving messages from your guests. As a decorative piece for your venue and when you get home, leave a hanging wish tree inviting guests to write a message and place it on a branch – its lovely to watch all the branches fill up with notes from your loved ones. Another idea to entertain the guests; a jigsaw puzzle leaving guests to fill in the blank pieces – so nice to see the guest-filled messages form the final picture. Lastly, and one for your bookshelf; a traditional personalised guestbook perfectly placed by the cake, inviting guests to leave you activities or places to visit to add to your bucket list so they can be thanked as you tick off their suggestions!


Happy planning!


Eclectic x