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Baby showers have made their way across the pond and are fast becoming a popular tradition for expectant mothers in the UK. Originally this kind of celebration was called wetting the baby's head and was celebrated after the birth of your first child. This was primarily an opportunity for the father to celebrate with friends over a few drinks.

However, this is no longer the case, and mothers now rule the roost with gaggles of their friends gathering around them to celebrate the imminent birth of their child. Gone are the days of high tea and quaint conversations, nowadays baby showers require an added panache and Great John Street Hotel in Manchester offers just that...


Naked Chocolatiers Baby Shower

That’s right! Just because parenthood is on the horizon there is no need to lock away the cheeky fun!

Let the (almost) naked chocolatiers host your party with a unique 2 hour experience. The Chocolatiers will show you how to make your very own chocolate truffles from a variety of flavours talking you through the process from start to finish. They will then stay to serve you Great John Street’s decadent “Ladies Afternoon tea” and mingle with your guests...

Tasteful and unforgettable?! The Naked Chocolatiers motto… “Making memories that will last forever”

Package price - £55 per person with minimum numbers of 10, inclusive of 'Ladies Afternoon Tea' and the Chocolate Masterclass.


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